Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Control Panel and Sensors

At the heart of the control panel are two Love Controller temperature switches.  The controller on the left hand side monitors the thermocouple in the pilot light and should the temperature drop below the set  point (indicating that pilot light has gone out), power will be prevented from activating the switch on the second controller.

Sensor between Heat Exchanger output and Mash Tun return

The second controller is where we set the mash temp (indirectly via the hot liquor tank and heat exchanger).  The temperature input is monitored via a thermistor at the output of the hot liquor tank and if the registered temperature is below the set point, the controller sends power to the Asco valve on the gas line.  This opens up the valve and allows gas to flow through to the burner under the hot liquor tank. 

Other buttons and toggles:
Upper Lefthand Corner:  Primary power
Two black switches in the center: Primary power to each temperature controller
Two red switches in the center: Power overthrow.  In the event that we still want our temperature controllers to remain on but not actually send power to the other controller or the asco valve, we can flip these switches to prevent that from happening.
Bottom Left Switch: Turns on pump

Bottom Right Switch and Dial: Power and speed control for the hot liquor tank stirrer.

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