American Style Beers:
Holden's Red - A hoppy, imperial red ale with rye.

Belgian & French Style Beers:
Belgian Pale Ale aka The Exploited - A basic Belgian pale brewed primarily for its yeast cake.
Traditional Lambic I - First attempt at brewing a  lambic using a turbid mash.
Traditional Lambic II - Turbid mash lambic using Lambic I's yeast cake.
Bourbon Wood-Aged Tripel -  Adding complexity to a classic style.
Bière de Garde - Big, malty French ale that I used as the base for three different beers. 
Sangiovese Flanders Red - Standard Flanders Red aged on Sangiovese grapes.

German Style Beers:
Summertime Gose - A fairly traditional, sour and salty Leipziger Gose.
Glacial Eis - Eisbock aged on Hungarian oak with Sherry and Marsala.

English Style Beers:

Other Funkified Beers: 
Yambic - Small batch wild yam funk. 
Amalgamation Autonomous - A funky joint barrel project for NHC 2012. 
Barrel 2: The Brett and Pedio Project A unique sour ale fermented and aged in a Marsanne barrel.
Plissement de Mandragore - A soured biere de garde.
Boules bleues de Mandragore - A biere de garde base, soured, and aged on blueberries.
Other Non-Funkified Beers:  
Chocolate Rye Later - Dark lager aged on cacao nibs and vanilla beans.
Bourbon Aged Russian Imperial Stout -  Using the Bruery's yeast to go big....17% abv.
Imperial Autumn Maple -  13% ABV attempt at cloning the Bruery's Autumn Maple
Autumn Maple II - Our 2nd attempt at cloning the Bruery's Autumn Maple
Peach Cobbler Ale aka Peach Fuzz - An experimental attempt at capturing peach cobbler in a bottle.
Polecat Porter -  Our 2010 Puget Sound Pro-Am Baltic Porter.
Polecat Porter Revisited - Modifying the grains to match batch 1 more closely.
Hair of the Dog Matt Clone - 1st attempt at cloning a favorite beer.
Opacity - A collaboration Russian Imperial Stout with Naked City.
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